• black lab five element

    locate the missing element.

  • black lab five theory 1

    communications in the 21st century are very, very dangerous.

  • black lab five theory 2

    ALERT: The signal-to-noise ratio is now extremely high. Do not begin to craft communications until you have established a clear objective.

  • black lab five theory 3

    ATTENTION: People will take extreme measures to avoid commercial messages that don’t interest them. Use rewards (entertainment, relevant information, halfway decent T-shirts, good laugh) to attract consumers.

  • black lab five theory 4

    CAUTION: Solutions that created results in the past are now, quite often, inert. New formulas may be more potent.

  • black lab five theory 5

    WARNING: Stretching the truth with a blatant sales pitch creates toxic fumes. Exceeding the limits of a brand’s credibility is extremely hazardous.

  • black lab five theory 6

    BEWARE: Handle volatile substances such as the cynical consumer with extreme care. Clumsy marketing-speak can provoke a gag reflex among the people you’re trying to impress.