Doing Things Well

Posted by on Mar 14, 2013

Zingerman's Roadhouse

I’ve always wanted to stop by Zingerman’s Road House in Ann Arbor, MI to see what everyone was talking about. Recently, on my way back from Detroit I stopped by there for lunch. And I wasn’t disappointed. The wait staff was amazing. My water glass was never empty. The menu was explained well. And right after my waitress explained how the cheese I chose for my burger would taste I realized what they were doing better than most. Educating me. The wait staff, the mini Zingerman’s newspaper that I read while they prepared my meal, and the signs on the walls, all pulled me into their “story”.

We always tell new business prospects that if their product is crap, good advertising will only get people to find out it’s crap quicker. Zingerman’s made good on their “really good american food” claim. And left me wanting to plan my next visit.